Center for Global Development

Center for Global Development

Ed is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Center for Global Development. CGD works to reduce global poverty and inequality through rigorous research and active engagement with the policy community to make the world a more prosperous, just, and safe place for us all. It is considered the world’s leading research organization on global poverty. In May 2014, Mr. Scott stepped down as Chairman to become Chairman Emeritus. Lawrence Summers succeeded him as Chairman.


center for autism

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment at the Florida Institute of Technology is dedicated to providing the highest-quality treatment, training and applied research to enhance the functioning and improve the quality of life of children with autism and related disabilities in Central Florida. The Scott Center has extended its work globally, including collaboration with a center for early childhood intervention in Dubai. The Scott Center has developed an innovative information website called Autism Advisor.


University of Oxford

University of Oxford

Ed Scott endowed the Cheryl and Reece Scott Chair of Psychiatry, the first medical chair devoted to the study of autism, at the University of Oxford. He also endowed two research fellowships for the study of autism. Ed established a special program at University College, Oxford for admission to the college of students with severe disabilities. He serves on the Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors of Oxford.


US Global Leadership


Ed serves on the Board of the Center for U.S. Global Leadership of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC). USGLC is dedicated to strengthening America’s leadership in the world through a strategic investment in development and diplomacy.



Friends of the Global Fight

Ed is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Friends of the Global Fight. The organization works to end the worldwide burden of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria through providing support in the U.S. for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Friends of the Global Fight has been replicated around the world; there are now eight Friends organizations globally.




Ed is a co-founder, along with Bill Gates and George Soros, of DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa), an advocacy organization dedicated to building public and political awareness about development problems in Africa, most notably the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The lead singer of the rock band U2, Bono, is the principal spokesperson of DATA (now called ONE) and he has used it as the principal platform for his visible and effective advocacy on global development and health policies.


center for autismCenter for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty

Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty

Ed Scott founded the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty (CIFA) in 2008 to improve the capacity and effectiveness of the faith community in its collective effort to reduce global poverty and disease. CIFA launched the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA), which has had a tremendous impact mobilizing churches and mosques to help reduce malaria and other diseases. CIFA is now part of Religions for Peace (RfP).




Ed and his family have for the last 15 years sponsored a number of children in Compassion International’s global child development programs. In addition, Ed has assisted Compassion International in launching and carrying out new country programs in Latin America and a special and comprehensive HIV/AIDS testing and treatment program in Africa. Compassion International aids over 1,700,000 children in 26 countries.


special olympics

Special Olympics

Ed actively supports the Special Olympics, particularly driving a campaign to end the derogatory use of the hurtful word “retarded.”



family fellows

Scott Family Fellows

Ed established and funded the Scott Family Fellows program in 2007. The program provides to the President of Liberia a cadre of trained economists and development specialists who work directly for the cabinet secretaries of various Liberian ministries helping to reconstruct that country. Since the program’s inception, it has been expanded to include fellows funded by other institutions. There have been over 30 Scott Fellows, including 12 Liberian expatriates who decided to remain in Liberia after their fellowship ended.


malaria no more

Malaria No More

Ed was a founding board member of Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization working to end deaths due to malaria. Ed provided the funding to launch the “Stayin’ Alive” grassroots fundraising initiative, which encouraged teens to use various events, from dances to fashion shows, to raise money to buy bed nets for Africa.


holy trinity

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy is one of the most respected secondary schools in Brevard County and in all of Florida. Ed served on its Board of Directors for over eight years and has financially supported many of its programs and capital needs. He also provided the resources that allowed Holy Trinity to build the Scott Center for Worship and the Performing Arts that seats over 1,000 people.


whole child

Whole Child International

Whole Child International works to ensure that orphaned children get the care they need and form meaningful attachments with adult caregivers by restructuring existing children’s institutions as well as implementing caregiver training. Ed was a founding member of the Board of Directors of Whole Child International in 2004. After serving for seven years on the Board of Directors, he joined the Board of Advisors.


face the facts

Face the Facts USA

Ed created the original concept and provided the initial funding for an initiative at the School of Media and Public Affairs of The George Washington University called Face the Facts USA. It was a breakthrough, non-partisan civic engagement project launched in 2012.



Catalytic Communities (CatComm)

Ed helped to provide the funding that launched Catalytic Communities (CatComm), a not-for-profit organization working to destigmatize Rio de Janeiro’s favela communities and integrate them into the wider society.